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Two Sides Out Today

February 2019

Two Sides by Polly Ho-Yen and Binny Talib is out today!

Lula and Lenka are best friends and total opposites – Lula is a Dog Person and Lenka is a Cat Person; Lula is super messy and Lenka is neat and tidy; Lula likes talking to people and Lenka likes watching people – but together they make the perfect pair. Until The Day that Everything Goes Wrong … 

Two Sides is a thoughtful story exploring friendship and the importance of listening and keeping an open mind.

Congratulations Polly!

Two Sides Chosen for Summer Reading Challenge

January 2019

Polly Ho-Yen's illustrated story, Two Sides, has been chosen for the Summer Reading Challenge.

The Summer Reading Challenge book collection comprises 71 must-have reads for children aged 4-11. The themes covered this year include creativity, exploration, imagination and friendship - something that Two Sides is perfect for.

Polly's book, illustrated by Binny Talib, publishes on the 7th February.

Second adventure for Princess Scallywag

January 2019

Princess Scallywag is at it again in Claire Powell's second book with author Mark Sperring.

Princess Scallywag and the Queen are back in a brand new rollicking adventure, taking on no-good pirates on the high seas in their hilarious, take-no-prisoners style!

Everybody’s favourite Queen and not-so-princessy Princess are setting sail on the royal yacht today, but beware… stinky, sweaty, no-good PIRATES are on the horizon… Yo Ho me hearties! Whatever are a Queen, and a Princess, to do?

Luckily, they’ve still got their trademark tricks up the royal sleeves…

Princess Scallywag published on the 10th January 2019. Congratulations Claire!

Collecting Cats is Out Today

January 2019

Author and illustrator Lorna Scobie's debut picture book, Collecting Cats, is out today. It's the purrfect book for cat lovers everywhere, although it might make you start to wonder if you can have too much of a good thing...

Huge congratulations to Lorna.