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Our Illustrators

Do you think you've created the next Spot, Maisy or Peter Rabbit?

The Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency Ltd. is seeking talented illustrators with the potential to create best-selling picture books.

If this sounds like you, we want to see your work!

Submit samples of your work to us at The Darley Anderson Children's Book Agency Ltd. ( Please see our submissions page for more details.

Clare Mackie

Clare is a well established illustrator based in Brighton after 20 years carving a successful career in London. With over 13 illustrated books under her ...
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Claire Powell

Life for Claire began in a cupboard under the stairs. Not as punishment like Harry Potter, it’s where she went to draw. Her parents sensing her love for dr...
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Lorna Scobie

Lorna is an illustrator and printmaker based in South London. Her work focuses on the animal kingdom, which she views as an endless source of inspiration...
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Natalie Smillie

Natalie is an illustrator based in Scotland, but has lived just about everywhere in the UK (except Wales!). Having finally settled, the local area is a fan...
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