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Rebekah Faubion

Rebekah is a novelist and screenwriter, and the co-author of The Urban Cowgirl Cookbook with celebrity chef and childhood best friend, Sarah Penrod.

Before getting into novels and screenplays, Rebekah wrote and directed a handful of plays for kids that were locally produced. Her short film Cassie’s Cause, about a little girl and her Zombie brother, wrapped production in November 2013.

Rebekah lives in Texas with her husband and son. She considers herself a good candidate for the role of Pink Power Ranger, the Doctor’s Companion, and Pokemon Master.

A restless extrovert in search of friends, she’s always keen to chat on social media. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @rffaubion.

Of Blood and Promises

For unruly Tree-girl Aliah, there is only one thing she loves more than scaling a Banyan’s trunk: Aiken. He’s her protector, her family by law, and the son of her power-hungry guardian. Loving him is allowed. Acting on that love is forbidden.

Aiken promised he would never leave Aliah, but his future lies with the King’s guard, not her. But when Aliah is betrothed to the crown prince, he must choose between letting her go or risking their lives to be together.

When a friend of Aliah’s is murdered behind castle walls, Aiken turns spy for the King’s guard and plummets into the seedy underbelly of Capital City. Aliah, trapped in the castle for her own protection, uncovers a clue that begins to unravel a dark secret right at the heart of the kingdom.

Bound by love. Torn apart by duty. Aiken and Aliah discover that some promises can never be broken and some secrets are better left hidden.

Set in a stunning island world inspired by Hawaii, the twisting mystery and heart-wrenching romance will capture imaginations and leave readers desperate for more.


Territory Publisher/Agent
World Darley Anderson Agency