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Martyn Ford

Martyn Ford is a journalist from Hampshire, where he writes for the Bordon Herald. His first book, It Happened to Me, a collection of shocking true stories, was published in 2010 by Summersdale. In 2011 Martyn’s TV script made it into the final stages of the BBC’s Laughing Stock Competition.

His newest novel, Beyond Infinity, will be published in April 2016. It is the sequel to The Imagination Box, his first novel for young readers (9+). 

The Imagination Box: Beyond Infinity

Timothy Hart is getting used to the good life with his new Imagination Box.

Anything he can imagine, he can create! There's only one rule - the Box mustn't leave Tim's room at the hotel where he lives.

But Tim has never been good at following rules - especially when there's the opportunity to 'imagine' his homework into being without actually having to do it.Tim is feeling rather pleased with himself, until he notices the strange people following him, and then chasing him, and then his beloved Imagination Box being ripped from his hands!

He'll need the help of a Top Secret Scientific Institution if he's going to save the Imagination Box from corruption of the worst possible kind.

Sequel to the critically acclaimed debut, The Imagination Box.

Faber Children's Books will publish in April 2016.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Faber & Faber

The Imagination Box

“There is a box. Anything you imagine will appear inside. You have one go, one chance to create anything you want. What would you pick?”

That’s exactly the question ten-year-old Timothy Hart gets to answer after discovering The Imagination Box. The greatest toy on earth.

The top-secret contraption transforms his life, but when the box’s inventor, Professor Eisenstone, goes missing, Tim knows he has to investigate.

With the help of a talking finger monkey called Phil, he sets out to find the Professor. In order to rescue his friend, he must face his darkest fears and discover the true potential of his own mind.

Faber Children's Books will publish in May 2015.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Faber & Faber
North America Delacorte
Germany Loewe
Poland Muza
Turkey Pegasus