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The Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency Ltd. is home to bestselling authors including Cathy Cassidy, Helen Grant and John Connolly.

The Agency is famous for encouraging new writers and has an international reputation for talent spotting and doing great deals.

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Darley and his Angels are the best agents ever... and the cleverest, kindest and most caring too. They're fab!

Cathy Cassidy

As a Darley Anderson author, I rest assured that my writing is in the best possible hands

Kim Slater

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@DA_Agency RT @TomCruise: A big thank you to the artists who have been inspired by #JackReacherMovie. Never stop creating.

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Thursday 6th October

Hello! Here is the roundup from the last month at the agency which is slightly later than usual, apologies. This is because it s Frankfurt season! And there is lots of exciting work to be done in preparation for the...

Thursday 1st September

Hello! There s always a lot going on at the agency, with authors, rights, submissions etc. but we always want to keep you in the loop. The newsletter is, again, packed with news. August is usually a quiet month in publishing ...